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A lot of pages exists on the web, explaining how to create your own MP3 player.
Original website, and informations about this player can be found on the original mp3ar site.

I've decided to create my own player, based on MP3ar, MwRevB version.
I've created this page for show my work day by day, and explain how I have created my own player.


18th March 2002

Minor changes (php v3 -> php v4).
Add some informations in “Pic Programmer” section :

10th February 2002

New links to misc MP3 sites.
Section “Final Pictures”created :

6th January 2002

Updated download method. Now it may works correctly with ie.
Using MP3ar forum directly from my website (I have integrated it).
“My Work” and “Picture Gallery” sections updated :

18th December 2001

“Software” section updated :

9th December 2001

“Picture Gallery” section added.
“My Work” section updated  :

5th December 2001

Added NC-Drill files into “Hardware” section.
Link to mp3ar forum.

4th December 2001

Added new section “Software”, describing how to compile the code and flash the PIC.
Set of useful utilities.
“Pic Programmer” section updated :

1st December 2001

Added french pages.
Small interface changes.
“My Work” section updated :

29th November 2001

Corrected problem with downloads.
“My Work” section updated :

25th November 2001

New design of the page, with new categories added :

5th September 2001

First release of this page.

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